Our divers are certified by  international standards and we provide  end-to-end services for customers, including from underwater surveys and hull cleaning to emergency inspections and in-water repairs. Our range of services span significantly from safety services and equipment to a full range of services and products, mainly at the request of our customers.

We have successfully carried out the following:
• Propeller polishing
• Rudder & sea chest maintenance
• Thruster & propeller entanglement
• Transducers & ship log cleaning
• Underwater welding & cutting
• Grouting (underwater cementing) Quay side extensions and block laying
• Inshore underwater surveys
• Saturation diving and ROV work
Underwater Inspections in Lieu of Dry Docking (UWILDS) from Tugs to supply boats Tankers and Rigs
• In Water Surveys; Supply Boats Container Ships and Tankers
• Sea chest blanking
• Tail shaft sealing
• Underwater Hull cleaning from tugs to 300m tankers
• Bottom surveys of ports and open sea areas using jackstays and Digi quartz
• Extension of quaysides using concrete and laying of blocks. Sheds 1&2 main port, Tema
• Slipway construction, repairs and maintenance. Takoradi & Tema
• Dry dock maintenance Takoradi and Tema
• Desilting and dredging Dry Dock Tema
• Fibre optic cable lay, shore end landings. Sat 3, Main1 and consultant WACS
• Emergency repairs Spar Jade and Spar Orion under DNV Class supervision
• Spar Orion had a 4m rent aft of the bulbous bow below the water line. Spar Jade had 3 punctures and 17 deep dents which entailed 20 coffer dams in the repair!!
• Tank cleaning plus emergency repairs. MV Namibia
• Water reservoir maintenance Owabi Dam, Weija dam & Cape Coast
• Dam maintenance inspection & repair Akosombo and Akuse
• Water Cooling Reservoirs Inspection and De silting; TOR
• Salvage Tulipan, Campco Star Tema main port. Moosh Free Port of Monrovia • Fibre Glass Tank repairs
• Steel and wooden structure Refurbishment. Grit Blasting, airless paint spraying, steel cropping and replacement Timber replacement Bauxite bunker Takoradi
• Under water recovery of lost items Volta Lake fully cement laden articulator truck, Lake Bosomtwi scientific monitoring device. Twifo Prasso ferry
• Anode retrofit Agbara platform saturation and air range
• South Tano riser installations saturation
• Oilfield Emergency intervention. Production Pioneer, Stena DrillMax, Maersk Voyager
• Rig Refurbishment, and repairs.MG Hulme 200 artisans on board. SeaRex VI repair, and tow to Ghana for Refurbishment . Rig Mooring in port; MG Hulme, Marianas and SeaRex VI